Departmental Facilities

In-house Equipment

Meteorology/Climatology computer lab

29 Linux workstations with 21" LCD monitors. GEMPAK, IDV, WXP, VIS5D, McIDAS, and IDL software packages are available to analyze both real-time meteorological data (via Unidata) and archived climatological datasets

Interactive weather wall with 2 55" touch displays, 2 27" touch displays and 8 27" non-touch displays.

Optically-Stimulated Luminescence (OSL)

Fully equipped Luminescence Geochronology Laboratory with Riso and Daybreak Nuclear automated thermoluminescence/optically stimulated luminescence reader

Geology Library

The UNL Geology Library collection contains journals, books, maps, reports and reference materials relating to all aspects of Earth Sciences. The collection includes over 45,000 volumes and nearly 500 current journal subscriptions. The Geology Library is a repository for United States Geologic Survey maps and houses over 85,000 sheets. Computer search tools include: IRIS (the University of Nebraska Library electronic card catalogue), and CD-ROM and online versions of both GeoRef and The Arctic and Antarctic Regions Bibliography.

Earth and Atmospheric Sciences computer lab

10 Windows workstations with LCD monitors; ARCINFO and ARCVIEW GIS software are available.

Affiliated Facilities

Nebraska State Museum

Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park

Agate Fossil Beds National Monument

UNL Research Computing Facility

Univeristy of Nebraska Central Facility for Electron Microscopy