Field Courses

UNL Offers Outstanding Field Courses

Schramm Course in Economic Geology

This course runs each spring/summer and is funded by our alumni. Students pay only nominal costs and, because course content varies annually, can take the course as often as they choose. Each year the course culminates in an all-expense-paid field trip to an area that best exemplifies course content. In 2004, students travelled to eastern Australia to see syn-rift sediment of the Sydney Basin, Gondwanan ice age deposits, and spent a week at Heron Island, southern Great Barrier Reef.

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Iowa State University/UNL Field Camp

This capstone, 6-week, required course for the B.S. in Geology runs each summer, from the end of May through June. We combine with Iowa State University at their field station near Shell, Wyoming, for six weeks of intensive, fun field experience in the Big Horn Mountains and Big Horn Basin of Wyoming. Visiting instructors from the petroleum and environmental industries give students a leg-up in job searching.

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Field Course for Science Educators

Geol 160/Geos 898 (4 cr hr) is a two-week inquiry-based field course with a primary aim to improve the knowledge and understanding of geoscience and geoscience education of our future teachers. The major goals are:

  1. To enhance the 'geoscience experience' for our future teachers;
  2. To teach scientific concepts and skills that K-12 teachers are expected to understand and teach (as outlined in national standards);
  3. To engage future K-12 teachers in field-based geoscience education and inspire them to use geoscience as a unifying theme in their classes;
  4. To provide students an opportunity to pursue authentic research;
  5. To enhance pedagogical understanding and provide all participants with a 'tool-kit' of effective teaching practices;
  6. To build a collaborative relationship between UNL Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Teacher Education Programs and state schools.