Caroline Burberry

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., 2008, Imperial College, London

Structure-tectonics, Petroleum geology, Remote sensing

Contact Information

206 Bessey Hall

I am interested in the deformation and petroleum potential of mountain belts and their associated basins worldwide, using satellite images, sandbox modeling, fieldwork and integration with available depth data. To date, I have worked in a number of fold belt-foreland basin settings, including the Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran-Iraq, the Rocky Mountain Front Range, Montana, the Kalimantan fold-thrust belt, Indonesia and the Llanos Basin in Colombia. Current research focuses on understanding the effect of early or basement faulting on subsequent deformational events within a foreland basin system and investigating the role of penetrative strain in compressional orogens.

Selected Publications

  • Burberry, C.M., 2015, The effect of basement fault reactivation on the Triassic-Recent geology of Kurdistan, N Iraq, Journal of Petroleum Geology, 38, 37-58.

  • Zebari, M.M. & Burberry C.M., 2015, 4D evolution of anticlines and implications for hydrocarbon exploration within the Zagros Fold-Thrust Belt, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. , GeoArabia, 20, 161-188.

  • Burberry, C.M., 2014, Layer Parallel Shortening: Early-Stage Deformation, or an Ongoing Process throughout the Entire Deformation Sequence? , AGU Annual Meeting 2014.

  • Burberry, C.M. & Jackson, C.A-L., 2011, Late Cretaceous to Recent deformation, related to inherited structures and subsequent compression within the Persian Gulf: A 2D seismic case study. , Journal of the Geological Society of London, 168, 485-498.

  • Burberry, C.M, Cosgrove, J.W. & Liu, J-G., 2010, A Study of Fold Amplification and Deformation style using the evolution of the land surface: Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran., Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 330, 139-154.

  • Burberry, C.M., Greb, M.D., Laughland, M., 2010, Integrated remote sensing, structural and petroleum systems modeling of the Iraqi-Kurdish fold belt., AAPG Annual Meeting.

  • Burberry, C.M., Murphy, B., Heller, I., Cosgrove, J., Liu, J-G, 2009, High-resolution satellite imagery as an initial exploration tool – examples from the Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan , AAPG Annual Meeting 2009.

  • Burberry, C.M., cannon, D.L., Cosgrove, J., Engelder, T., Koyi, H. & Nilfouroushan, F., 2009, Triangle Zone Traps – an under-represented play type in fold-thrust belts?, AAPG Annual Meeting 2009.

  • Burberry, C.M, Cosgrove, J.W. & Liu, J-G., 2008, Landform morphology and drainage pattern characteristics as an indicator of fold type in the Zagros Simply Folded Belt, Iran. , Journal of Maps, v2008, 417-430.