Alex Krull

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences M.S. Student
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Severe Storms Research Group Member

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Alex Krull is a graduate student working towards a master's degree in Earth & Atmospheric Sciences with a specialization in Meteorology & Climatology. He is a member of the Severe Storms Research Group (SSRG) led by Dr. Adam Houston, who also serves as Alex's advisor.

Alex's master's thesis research will be on the topic of convective initiaton (CI) environments. Alex is currently reading through the literature to determine what aspects of CI have an information or experiment void. By the end of the Fall 2016 semester, Alex plans to have a hypothesis for his thesis work and will begin to work with Dr. Adam Houston on experiment methodology. Alex's goal is to utilize both modeling and observational techniques. The modeling aspect will most likely inovlve using the ARW-WRF. The observational aspect will be completed using the iMet, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and mesonets.

Looking towards a career in operational meteorology, Alex looks forward to conducting research that will improve forecasting and nowcasting of CI. Improvement in CI forecasts and nowcasts will compliment Alex's interest in aviation meteorology.

LinkedIn: alexkrullwx
Phone: (402) 472-2663
214 Bessey Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0340