News: Thomas Polivka published his first paper as the cover article in June 2015 issue of IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters: "UNL student helps fine-tune next generation of weather satellites"

News: Our research group is in the spotlight of the the 2014 UNL annual research report (with multi-media), "Monitoring the Planet's Air".

News: Jun Wang is a member of the Suomi NPP Mission Development Team that recenlty received the NASA Group Achievement Award , for "extraordinary dedication, skill, teamwork, and perseverance in developing and delivering the Suomi NPP Mission for the Nation".

News: Richard Xu received the best graduate student award in 2014 EAS Alumni Banquet.

News: Jun Wang, part of award-winning team working with NASA , also reported by Daily Nebraskan

-- News: Amy Kessner graduated with M.S. in May, and started to work as a manager for "The Groundwater Foundation".

News: First demonstration of using multi-sensor satellite-measured visible radiance to constrain the emissions of different aerosol species. See details here

News: Ph.D. candidate Xiaoguang "Richard" Xu receives the prestigious NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship, see here.

News: David Peterson is in the report "Nebraska is more than sports".

News: Three graduate students win coveted summer fellowships at national labs. See the news here.

News: David Peterson is one of three receipients of 2011 UNL's Best Graduate Research Assistant award. Click here for the news.

News: Our research group is in the spotlight of the the 2010 UNL annual research report.

News: Click here to see more of students' achievement. 


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