Nebraska During the Cretaceous Period

Niobrara State Park

Welcome! These pages are devoted to the Mesozoic geology of Nebraska. Only Cretaceous strata are preserved in Nebraska (no Triassic or Jurassic), so the content of this site is focused on the Cretaceous history of Nebraska. Click on the links below to learn more about Nebraska during the Cretaceous. The picture above** is from Niobrara State Park, which is a classic locality in Nebraska where Cretaceous rocks can be observed.

Geologic Timescale and Paleogeography

Nebraska During the Cretaceous

Places to Visit

Cretaceous Flora and Fauna of Nebraska

Global Events During the Cretaceous

**This picture from Niobrara State Park is from: Flowerday, C., and Diffendal, R., eds., 1997, Geology of Niobrara State Park , Knox County, Nebraska, and adjacent areas, with a brief history of the Park , Gavins Point Dam, and Lewis and Clark Lake, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Conservation and Survey Division, Educational Circular No. 13, 28p.