Taryn Serwatowski

University of Nebraska-Lincoln
436 Morrill Hall                                                                      
Lincoln, NE 68588

I'm a M.S. student specializing in Hydrogeology and a member of the Severe Storms Research Group. I'm co-advised by Dr. John Gates and Dr. Adam Houston. I'm currently working on a project that will estimate groundwater recharge based on discrete precipitation events and my research area is located in the beautiful Nebraska Sand Hills. I have taught Geology 101 laboratory classes here at UNL while pursuing my degree.

I'm a Ronald E. McNair scholar (2007 cohort) and I received my B.S. degree in Geology at Central Michigan University in December of 2009. My undergraduate research involved using geophysical methods such as seismic reflection, ground penetrating radar and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility to investigate subsurface magma feeders in the Henry Mountains of south-central Utah. Data collected were used to determine magma flow paths and behavior in the formation of the Trachyte Mesa laccolith.

Other than studying our amazing planet, another big passion of mine is early rock and roll (1955-1965). I'm a dedicated Buddy Holly fan and every year I travel to the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa where he gave his last performance on February 2nd, 1959. I also make a frigid trek out to the plane crash site at the approximate time the plane went down (shortly after 1:00 am on February 3rd). In 2013, the Chicago Sun-Times followed us few brave souls out to the crash site to witness our annual homage.