Over the Spring Break of 2001, the Schramm Economic Geology Class ventured

to the Caicos Platform in the southern Bahamas. Airport is on Provodenciales.

Our group included 15 students (graduates and advance undergraduates) and 3 faculty.

Jeff Dravis (far left) of Dravis Interests, Inc. of Houston was our trip leader for

"Holocene and Pleistocene Carbonate Sedimentary Facies".

Boat Cove on West Caicos Island; shoaling up sequence in 130,000-year-old

strata with nice beach foreshore at top.

Trough cross-stratified grainstone just below foreshore strata, Boat Cove

Pleistocene storm deposit (rudstone), West Caicos Island.

Salina on West Caicos Island from overflight. Note patch reefs.

Ripples composed of transported halite crystals, West Caicos salina.

halite crystals, West Caicos salina

Coring the salina

Storm clouds, West Caicos