Current students within the Structural Geology Research Group are:


No current doctoral students within the Structural Geology Research Group


Jason Palu is working on the effect of basement faults on subsequent deformation, using the the southern Sawtooth Range, MT as his field area. He has completed his field season and is analysing the data.

Matt Peppers is working on the characterization of fracture networks in carbonates equivalent to the Miss. Lime play. He has completed a field season in the Bentonville area, AR, and is analysing his data.

Shashank Khatri and Folarin Kolawole have just joined the group and are in the process of defining their projects.


Amanda Jones (UCARE student) will be working in the analog modelling laboratory during academic year 2014-2015, investigating the role of erosion and deposition in fold-thrust belt deformation.

Previous students who have worked in the Structural Geology Research Group are:

Shelby Chandler worked as a UCARE student under my direction. She mapped karst features within the Persian Gulf. An abstract has been submitted to AAPG 2015 and a paper is in progress.

Nicole Pierson worked on her MS under my direction. She studied the geologic development of the Colorado Front Range with an emphasis on investigating the role of early layer parallel shortning. She used combination of analog modeling and fieldwork. She currently works for Halliburton and is working on a paper.

Mjahid Zebari worked on his MS under my direction. He studied the geologic development and petroleum systems of the Kurdistan Autonomous Region of Iraq. He used remote sensing methods, integrated with field data and available geophysical data. His paper will be published in GeoArabia in 2015.